This insightful and educational program is designed for individuals who are focused on overall health and wellness and student-athletes from all sports who want to compete at a high level in Elementary School, Middle School, High School, College and Professional Athletics. Each participant will receive a Welcome Letter with Training Schedule, Nutrition Guidance, Rehab Advice, Additional Training to complete at home and Certificate of Achievement at the conclusion of each month.

In this program, you will learn how to:

  • Lose weight and get toned in a healthy and effective way by cardiovascular exercise, resistance training, proper nutrition and more through our Fitness Training Program

  • Get stronger, faster and more powerful for your sport through our Strength & Conditioning Training Program

  • Run faster, build strength, eat better and compete at a high level in your individual event(s) through our Track & Field Training Program

  • Learn the proper fundamentals and skills needed to be successful through our Basketball Training Program

  • Warm up the proper way through dynamic drills

  • Breath effectively to recover faster during each workout

  • Develop a stronger core which is key to balance and power

  • Understand the central nervous system

  • Cool down the proper way through dynamic and static stretching as well as a cool down walk

  • Take better care of the body through rehab therapy

  • Maintain focus in all areas of your life

Reach your greatest potential with this life-changing program.