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This life-changing training program is designed for individuals who are focused on overall health and wellness and student-athletes involved in sports who want to compete at a high level in Elementary School, Middle School, High School and Collegiate. Each participant will receive a Welcome Letter with Training Schedule, Nutrition Advice, Mentorship, Healthy Meal Plans at an additional cost and a Certificate of Achievement at the conclusion of their training with us. Our Sports Performance Training Programs are Fitness Training, Track & Field Training, Basketball Training and Training for All Sports.  

Coach J. is a former Florida High School State Champion and USA All-American who has multiple certifications as a ISSA Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Weight Management Specialist, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, USA Basketball Gold Coach and USA Track & Field Coach.

In this program, you will learn how to:

  • Lose weight and get toned in a healthy and effective way by cardiovascular exercise, functional training, proper nutrition and more through our Fitness Training Program

  • Get stronger, faster and more powerful for your sport through our Strength & Conditioning Training Program

  • Run faster, build strength, develop proper running form and compete at a high level in your individual and team event(s) through our Track & Field Training Program

Reach your greatest potential with this powerful program.

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