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5-star rated service

Legacy Nation Athletics

"Hiring Jaydian J. Miller as a Track & Field Program Coordinator, I can attest to his strength of character and compassion for others in our community. With patience and an ability to explain and demonstrate strategy clearly, he drew out the very best from our Track & Field Club Team, who, in turn, qualified a total of 6 Athletes to The USATF Regional Championship Meet in Jacksonville, FL."

Ontavius McCullough

Owner & President of Boom Sports Academy (Formerly Elite Greyhounds Inc.)


"Coach J helped my daughter Azurae Taylor with Strength & Conditioning Training. He helped her to develop proper running technique, drive phase, foot strike and core strength. He has made such a big difference with little time. Thanks Coach J!"

Teshia Mendez

Mother of C/O 2019 Basketball, Strength & Conditioning and Highlight Video & Scouting Athlete Azurae Taylor


"So thankful for Jaydian Miller and his company. The dedication he puts into his clients is hard to come by. Even when he’s not training, he’s always coaching and giving ideas to help. Keep up the great job, your loyalty to your clients does make a difference!"

Precious Roberts

Professional Women's Basketball Player, Big V Australian Women’s Basketball League


"Videography completed by J Miller & Company was exceptional! The preciseness and accuracy he was able to achieve while filming my daughter run was phenomenal. He was focused on detail and the picture was excellent. I would recommend J Miller & Company to anyone looking for quality work. You will be pleased!"

Anquaine McSwain

Professional Mother of Spots Performance Training Athlete Kamoree Curtis 


"You're one of the best coaches I've ever had in my track career. You know exactly what you're doing and always got the job done. You were always on top of everything and made sure that everything was perfect or at least close enough. You never complained and always wanted the best for us!"

Leslie Garcia

Sports Performance Training Athlete, Track & Field (USATF 400m Dash Bronze Medalist)


"What I liked the most about you in my short time training with you is the way you approached your job unlike any coach I’ve ever had. First by creating a good training environment with positive energy, a hands on experience (always demonstrated drills so we can see it first) and helped put the team back on track not only focusing on yourself but getting better and stronger as a team. Something that you did very well (which most coaches lack) is your organization/communication with the athletes and parents, always keeping us in the loop about planning various fundraisers and practices while promptly giving us the info about it. One of the things I appreciated the most about you is the way you valued each individual athlete. You went out of your way to build a relationship with us, cared about how we are feeling, always planned for the future and wanted us to reach our full potential. You did whatever it took to help us reach our goals and encouraged me to not put limitations on my dreams and to set big goals for my future despite the fear of failure that can often hinder one’s goals. You are a great coach and you would never believe it was your first time coaching. You did a great job and I honestly don’t have any complaints or concerns. You just wanted the best for your athletes and did what it took to get us there."

Rachel St. Angelo 

Sports Performance Training Athlete, Track & Field (USATF Triple Jump Bronze Medalist)


"Coach J, you are a great guy and made me a better person. You shaped my long jump into what it is now. Outside of track, you're funny and a well beloved man not only amongst our team but also with our opponents. I went into Elite Greyhounds to improve my speed for Football and you changed my perspective on Track & Field. You are the reason why I'm polished in The 200 Meter Dash and also greatly boosted my long jump by a foot. You are the type of coach we need because you are always telling us what we're doing wrong and telling how to do better. At The USATF Regional Meet, I was ready to go for long jump and you stretched me out and I went to jump. The first time I scratched and the second time I landed a good jump but the third time, I scratched the best jump I ever had. I also had a personal record in my second jump. It was a fun experience but I wish I would have been able to go to Nationals but I have next year. You are the best coach ever and I mean that sincerely."

Barry Crawford

Sports Performance Training Athlete, Track & Field (USATF Long Jump Silver Medalist)


"I would like to thank Coach Jay for training my daughter during the summer. Coach Jay’s specialized training, designed specifically to improve Kamoree’s strength and speed did just that! As a result, Kamoree qualified for USATF Nationals recording a 2-3 second 800M split PR. I would highly recommend J Miller & Company for anyone looking to achieve great results."

Eric Curtis

Father of Sports Performance Training Athlete Kamoree Curtis


"Thank you Coach Jay for all that you did for our kids going above and beyond. The undivided attention you gave our kids as a team and as individuals showed how much you cared and wanted to see them excel to be great. Please continue to hold steadfast to God and give him the praise, glory, obedience and keep humble before him. God will bless you. Thank you for the exercise instruction for Barry. Thanks and God bless you!"

Heather Crawford

Mother of Sports Performance Training Athlete Barry Crawford


"Very professional, definitely see improvement in my daughter basketball game since working with this company. I would like to personally recommend anyone needing training or highlight videos to get college looks or anything this guy have to offer. You better get to him before he gets too busy!"

Gregory Henry

Father of Sports Performance Training Athlete Lee'Sha Henry


Legacy Nation Youth Development & Professional Speaking

"On behalf of our Minister, Senator The Honourable Dion Foulkes and The Staff of Ministry of Labor, I would like to convey our appreciation for taking the time to address our Administrative Personnel on the Topic: TEAMWORK makes The Dream Work. Your presentation was well received by our staff and the information provided was both timely and relevant. Thank you for taking the time to speak to our staff and extending best wishes as you continue to coach, inspire and motivate your clients."

P. Isaacs

Permanent Secretary, The Ministry of Labour

The Government of The Bahamas

"You were magic and crafted a message for our audience that combined your body of expertise with their immediate needs. Your delivery was exemplary by combining humor and examples to create a highly focused presentation. The audience left feeling excited and motivated. You are a consummate professional, full of energy and a pleasure to work with. You spent almost a full day with the group before you ever spoke and interacted with a number of different attendees during that time. Your willingness and interest to get to know the organization is the exception, not the rule. Your customization of the presentation to the group truly made the difference and made your message that much more impactful! If resiliency is your topic, you are the one to deliver it!"

Andre Peart 

Career Advisor at St. Petersburg College


"One thing that was evident during all the times you spoke was that you were very personable and engaging. You were able to bring everything you spoke about to the level of each child in attendance. No speech given was above their heads. You related to occurrences they may face as children and showed them that no matter where you come from, it's how you finish, is all that matters. You were not afraid to let the children know that you made mistakes in life growing up but it's those same mistakes that have groomed you to work with children to help them find their purpose in life at an early age. You spoke life into them while encouraging and motivating them to always do their best."

Stankisha Pinder 

Teacher at Kingsway Academy

The Bahamas

"You had a very motivating presentation where you outlined the purpose of Evangelism, provided motivational insights on Leadership and also provided practical and personal ways of carrying out personal evangelism. You connected well with the audience and left everyone with a message that could be applied directly to their lives. You compounded your message with videos that captured and kept the message relevant and interesting. You did a phenomenal job and have a bright future in utilizing your public speaking gift."

Malcolm Foulkes

CEO of Business & Marketing Community Institute

The Bahamas

"I seen and heard you speak to The BTC Junior Achievement students we host at our company year round. You encouraged them to be successful in whatever career path they choose, to do well in their studies and when they go off to college. You also shared your experiences during high school and college. During your speaking, the students were very attentive because of your humorous personality. You also made all of us laugh and my experience with you motivating others and myself encouraged me to make better decisions regarding my goals and achievements."

Darlene Sands

Former Employee of The Bahamas Telecommunications Company

The Bahamas

"In May 2009, this dynamic, intelligent, innovative young man was introduced to my organization. He became a supporter and eventually, a Member of the Board of Directors of The Bahamas Primary School Student of the Year Foundation. He has proven himself as a very intelligent and hard working individual who possess unique qualities to achieve his goals. He exhibits enthusiasm for the tasks he undertakes and demonstrates a high degree of professionalism and high energy. He is organized, efficient, extremely competent and has an excellent rapport with his peers. His leadership abilities supplement with his academics and pleasant personality made him stand out among his peers. He is well disciplined and displays much enthusiasm in his work. One of his greatest ability is to communicate with his target audience and to provide mentorship to those seeking guidance. He does an excellent job of public speaking."

Ricardo Deveaux

President & CEO, Bahamas Primary School Student of The Year Foundation

The Bahamas

"You were outstanding with our youth at New Journey Center, Inc. Blessings to you and your talents. We look forward to working with you again."

Danyiel Hunter-Yarbrough 

Owner & CEO of New Journey Youth Center, Inc. 


Legacy Nation Highlight & Scouting Services

"We are grateful for all you have done for us in this process. You are such a sweet inspiration to us all! You are so gifted and talented! Your work ethic is amazing and what great products you create for your clients. So grateful we found you. As I have said before, the sky is the limit for you."

"She was so excited to talk with you about her decision. Thank you for all you have done to help promote her. We are truly grateful. It's been a busy, crazy, wonderful process and we are excited for her future."

Marcy Shepherd

Mother of C/O 2020 Georgia Southwestern State Univ. Commit Lauren Shepherd


"We are grateful for all you have done for us in this process. You are such a sweet inspiration to us all! You are so gifted and talented! Your work ethic is amazing and what great products you create for your clients. So grateful we found you. As I have said before, the sky is the limit for you."

Marcy Shepherd

Mother of C/O 2020 Georgia Southwestern State Univ. Commit Lauren Shepherd


"You go above and beyond for our girls. The passion you hold to help young athletes speaks volumes. You are creative, kind and not afraid to be different than the norm. Katy and I appreciate all you have done and will continue to do for our girls basketball and youth athletes around the world.."

Craig Bost

Girls Basketball Coach of The Rock School


"When doing highlight videos, attention to detail is vital. Not only does J Miller & Co provide great communication but quality service. I highly recommend. Quality and customer service are top notch."

Terrance Lewis

Girls Basketball Coach at Vanguard High School


"Quality service and gives an immediate response to all your questions and needs. My kid and I are very thankful and graeteful to Jaydian. Its because of his work, my kid has a chance at playing college ball. We are eternally grateful for you."

Shereka Jackson

Mother of C/O 2019 Basketball Highlight Video & Scouting Athlete Lauryn Jackson


"I recommend utilizing J Miller & Company videography and editing as well as promotional and networking packages. J Miller & Company has a spirit of excellence and genuine concern, wellbeing and success for your student/child and I regret not finding them sooner."

Dawn Medaries

Mother of C/O 2019 Basketball Highlight Video & Scouting Athlete Julie Teasley


"I appreciate everything you did for my daughter in creating her highlight video and the recruiting process. You also went above and beyond to help my son. Thank you for everything and it's been a blessing working with you."

Miriam Pacheco

Mother of C/O 2019 Basketball Highlight Video & Scouting Athlete Samantha Pacheco


"2019 Kaiya Riley-Guzman did all the work and Jaydian Miller put a great highlight piece together to display her hard work and determination. Jaydian, I love what you are doing to lift others up. Your work gives our youth a new platform to show the world what they have to offer."

Craig Bost

Head Girls Basketball Coach at The Rock School


"Mr. Miller did a great job with our daughter's basketball highlight video. Once we were able to work out the logistics, he worked quickly to get us a great quality video that we were able to share right away. Thank you Jaydian."

Lillian Guzman Letteen

Mother of C/O 2019 Basketball Highlight Video & Scouting Athlete Kaiya Riley-Guzman


"I received 3 Basketball Highlight videos. You did a great job highlighting my daughter's finest moments and the music you added was inspirational and spot on."

George Placide

Father of C/O 2019 Basketball Highlight Video & Scouting Athlete Sarah Placide 


"You are very professional and a good person to work with who is always smiling and willing to help in anything. You have done 3 highlight videos for my daughter and is very good at what you do. I would recommend anyone to you because you are the man with the plan. Thank you for all the outstanding work that you did for me and any others that you come into contact with. We appreciate you

and are forever grateful."

Teshia Mendez

Mother of C/O 2019 Basketball Highlight Video & Scouting Athlete Azurae Taylor 


"You are an excellent young man with great integrity and did an outstanding job filming and producing 29 highlight videos for our daughter's sophomore High School season. Your professionalism and warm demeanor made it easy to work with you. We are greatly pleased with your work and hope to use your services again soon."

Russ Beacham 

Father of C/O 2019 Basketball Highlight Video & Scouting Athlete Morgan Beacham


"You videotaped my daughter's basketball games to make 3 highlight films of games. You exceeded my expectation with your work and I highly recommend you."

Johnny Kline

Father of C/O 2019 Basketball Highlight Video & Scouting Athlete Christina Kline


"I received a highlight video and was very impressed. The special effects were properly positioned and really accented my daughter's game. You are an extremely passionate individual who has an eye for detail and is committed to create the best possible product."

Jaydian Miller is extremely passionate and professional! He captured a few great focal points of my daughter's game and made it easy to see the little details that I hadn't noticed. I highly recommend his company for your highlights!

Rashonda Quarterman

Mother of C/O 2019 Basketball Highlight Video & Scouting Athlete Jasmine Quarterman


"Thank you Jaydian for making a great basketball highlight video of Lexi Duckett. I have had many made along the way and this is by far the best! Love it!"

Kimberly Amadon

Mother of C/O 2019 Basketball Highlight Video & Scouting Athlete Alexis Duckett


"Mr. Miller did a highlight video and he makes you notice the little things a player does! Which is very good at all levels of showcasing your game! My daughter have been notice because of it and we are very thankful for the opportunity to meet and work with Mr. Miller!!"

Gregory Henry 

Father of C/O 2019 Basketball Highlight Video & Scouting Athlete Lee'Sha Henry 


"You provided 3 highlight videos of my daughter's basketball games. My interactions with you have been professional and your video work is exceptional. You have been consistent in providing a time frame for the video creation and meeting the proposed delivery dates. If any issues arose where the initial time frame was not able to be met, you have consistently kept me in the loop with updates as to when the video will be complete. I will continue to use your video services in the future and  highly recommend your work to anyone looking for similar services." 

Hugh Wellington

Father of C/O 2020 Basketball Highlight Video & Scouting Athlete Dahlia Porter


"I love my daughter's 3 highlight videos. The video are done professionally and on time. Her NCSASports coach loved the videos as well. She even received 2 Elite Basketball Camp offers. Thanks Jaydian!"

Alicia Wellington

Mother of C/O 2020 Basketball Highlight Video & Scouting Athlete Dahlia Porter


"You provided a professional and prompt service. You did an exceptional job with my daughter's basketball highlight video and we are very pleased. You are always encouraging others around you to strive to the max and is always offering a positive outlook towards dreams, goals, and life itself. Overall, you are awesome!"

Shanikwa Johnson

Mother of C/O 2020 Basketball Highlight Video & Scouting Athlete Kyana Johnson


Jaydian Miller have done several highlight videos for my daughter, if you're looking to get your child noticed, he's the man for the job. His videos will highlight your child's best attributes. The videos he delivers are professionally done, and wait time is minimal. If you're looking for the best, look no further.​


"You are very professional and truly devoted to your craft. Your work with my daughter's videos have been exceptional. You choose the perfect music that makes you want to watch the videos over and over again. Trustworthy, honest, and reasonably priced. The time you devote could never be bought."

Germaine West

Mother of C/O 2020 Basketball Highlight Video & Scouting Athlete Caleigh-Rose West 


"I want to thank you for your exceptional videography on my daughter. Capturing great highlights and using slow motion is very intriguing. You definitely have a great talent and good eye for sports. It enables you to present and deliver your client an outstanding product."


"Let me say that J Miller and Company do an AWESOME job with highlight filming! He did one for me on my daughter and really captured her strengths on the court. He had slow motion, and musical background really put it over the top!! So pleased . I can't wait for his masterpiece of the full season..."

Roland Cantone

Father of C/O 2020 Basketball Highlight Video & Scouting Athlete Hilani Cantone


"You put together a basketball highlight film for our daughter Mary McMillan. We are very pleased with the end result and highly recommend you to anybody looking to get a basketball highlight reel. You are very professional to work with."

Jeff & Tara McMillan

Father of C/O 2020 Basketball Highlight Video & Scouting Athlete Mary McMillan


"J Miller & Company did an awesome job for me. He created two basketball highlight videos of my daughter. He was very professional, timely and diligent. My daughter and I loved the finished product. I highly recommend him, he has such a positive and up beat personality."

Candace Williams

Mother of C/O 2018 Basketball Highlight Video & Scouting Athlete Miaya Williams


"J Miller & Company is a great Company. I had the pleasure of sharing my story during an interview with J Miller & Company and was able to get my story out even more. J Miller & Company is a professional company and definitely cares about your situations and will help in any way they can. They are very respectful and Jaydian, you are a blessed man! Thanks for everything!"

Shavonne Thomas

Lupus & Pulmonary Fibrosis Patient 


Legacy Nation Professional Services

"I got J Miller & Company to formulate a business plan for my Company. Mr. Miller is well organized, efficient and has great passion for what he does. I enjoyed working with this company which is #1 when it comes to excellence and professionalism. I received compliments on my plan from business associates. I would definitely recommend J Miller & Company to anyone in need of a Business Plan. 100% Guaranteed Success! 

L. Rolle

Business Plan Client

The Bahamas

"The professional services of J Miller & Company are simply amazing. The service I received was cover letter/resume writing. When I sent my draft to be edited, I shortly after got a confirmation of receipt and a return time. Jaydian thoroughly consulted with me to find out more about my experience, skills and exactly what I hope to be expressed in my resume and cover letter. What I realized liked was how passionate he was about ensuring that my documents were in a sense perfect as he understood how important they are for the success of my career. He really cared. The service was relatively fast so that's a plus. When I received the documents back, I was extremely pleased. I noy only got one but options of various layout to choose from. I thought that was brilliant. I was told to review and report any changes I would like. Young persons or anyone needing help with writing a cover letter or resume would definitely benefit from this service. It was efficient, professional and customer service was excellent."  

J. Newton

Cover Letter & Resume Client

The Bahamas

"My experience with J Miller & Company LLC Cover Letter & Resume was educational. All of the different formats of a resume was explained clearly. The guidance to apply a preferred format to my resume was carefully instructed, explaining structure, contents and key elements, each with reason and advantages. I would definitely invite those looking for a change of or better career path to invest in yourself and future by taking a lesson from this company."  

D. Cooper

Cover Letter & Resume Client

The Bahamas

"This young man has a passion for what he does and is an excellent mentor. Mr. Miller not only help others in reaching their goal but also encourage you to go that extra mile too. He assisted my daughter in interview training for what company are looking for in the job market today. He not only helped with her resume and cover letters but also taught her how to make up her own winning resume. Mr. Miller, you will indeed go far in this field."  

D. Davis

Mother of Cover Letter & Resume Client

The Bahamas

"I highly recommend anyone that's seeking help with their resume, cover letter, reference or even a mentor to J Miller & Company. He's beyond professional and ongoing. I've known Mr. Miller for about seven years and thanks to him, I'm in a better position career-wise. I thank him for also pushing me for a better future and once again thanks a million and keep up the great work."  

B. Bethel

Cover Letter & Resume Client

The Bahamas

"I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for everything, thank you for your time and not giving up us when we made you angry. I could go on and on! I just want to say I appreciate everything you ever did and thanks again."  

L. Johnson | N. Lewis

Former Trainees, National Training Agency

The Bahamas

Legacy Nation Training & Development

"Jaydian held the position of Assistant Guest Services Manager at Grand Hyatt at Baha Mar. During the time that I worked with Jaydian, I found him to be a highly motivated and caring individual. He always maintained a positive attitude and continuously collaborated and worked effectively with fellow associates and peers alike. More specifically, Jaydian oversaw The Department during the search for a Department Lead. In addition to developing Training Manuals and Standard Operating Procedures, Jaydian handled the recruitment of hiring of more than 30 associates."  

Richard Elliott

General Manager, Hyatt Centric at Waikiki Beach 


"I was in the leadership role for this program and first met Jaydian when he was a brand ambassador and volunteered his time to teach and mentor students. He did such a great job that I hired him months later when I had an opening for a program manager. Management was a natural role for Jaydian and he had a passion for making a difference. He worked relentlessly during a time period when we doubled the size of the program to coordinate all logistics, teach, hold students accountable, mentor and most importantly act as a role model."

Debbie DeMars

Vice President, Human Resources & Internal Ops.


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